“I have been treated on the Vax-D Spinal Decompression Table for about a month and think it has expedited my recovery from severe back pain.  I find it to be comfortable and feel it has improved my overall back health.  I would recommend it to anyone whose back issues Dr. Autera and/or Dr. Terry feel could improve from this procedure.”  – Linda

“Before VAX-D, I had suffered from low back pain, sciatica and weakness in my right leg. I was unable to sit at all. I could not ride in a car for more than 20 minutes at a time. I had difficulty climbing stairs and I could no longer play with my kids. I could not lift anything more than 15 pounds. I had little or no improvement for almost 4 years from the many other therapies I tried until I did the VAX-D. After 2 weeks of VAX-D treatments, I noticed all my symptoms began to decrease. I can now run short distances and play a moderate game of tennis. I can sleep through the night with no discomfort. I am very grateful and thankful to VAX-D for the improvements and benefits I have received. Thank you!” – Michael G.

“I can’t say enough about VAX-D! It has really changed my life and has given me my life back. After seeing one doctor after another for 5 years for lots of pain in my spine, I am able to walk around more than I ever thought I would again. I can move and do so much more for myself without additional help. Your staff is so caring and understands all the pain I was in, I can’t thank you enough.”- Jason G.

“I am a very active 49 year old who spends a fair bit of energy working out with cardio exercise and weight lifting. I have dealt with a chronic lower back issue for most of my life. I am about half way through my course of VAX-D treatments and I already notice a marked improvement in the way my back feels and functions. This improvement also shows in my overall strength and energy level and also my positive state of mind. I highly recommend VAX-D because it has worked wonders for me..” – Martin A.

“I had major episodes of acute pain in my low back from deteriorated discs that would flare up without notice. They would render me unable to work for days. VAX-D has rejuvenated my discs and substantially reduced my lower back pain. I am almost completely pain free now after years of suffering.” – Randy C.

“I had chronic pain for as long as I remember. I have had epidural injections with little, if any, benefit. Once I found VAX-D, after only a couple of treatments, I am experiencing 90% relief of the pain I had been living with. I can now play golf and bend without restrictions. VAX-D worked wonders for me. Thanks a million. If any prospective clients have any questions as to whether or not they should try VAX-D, just show them this unsolicited testimony.” – Annie D.

“As a former professional ballerina, I had put much pressure and many miles on my back. I found that my daily workouts at the gym would cause me extreme pain. This was largely due to scoliosis, a spondylo, and my herniated discs. In order to keep the pain at a minimum, chiropractic treatments were a necessity for me, but they were not a cure. Then in 1995 my chiropractic husband helped to introduce the VAX-D technology into the Southeastern U.S. I was probably one of the first VAX-D patients in the area. After a few treatments, I could feel the pressure being released from my spine. VAX-D was a miracle for me; it worked better on my lower back than chiropractic treatments ever did. Following a year of weekly treatments, I found that I only needed treatments once a month. After my husband’s death I experimented with many different technologies which promised better results than what VAX-D could deliver. These technologies did not help me at all and only added to my pain.”

I was so thrilled to find Dr. Helene Levinson’s office. She put together a program for me: VAX for my back and chiropractic adjustments for my neck. I am thrilled to be back with VAX-D, my miracle cure. Many medical treatments will only cover pain, but VAX-D actually cures it. The back is stretched, and the discs are made young and plump again. And I feel young again too! I can now do everything that I did when I was a young ballerina and without the pain. While ballet is no longer my dance, I have chosen ballroom dancing instead. I dance about four times a week and work out almost daily. I also enjoy 27 mile rides on a single speed when I visit Florida several times a year. Dr. Levinson is helping to keep me young and free from pain. I am so grateful for her expertise and her very compassionate personality. Dr. Helene and her staff are the best! – June C.

“I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to experience relief from my back pain. This has been my first experience with VAX-D, and as skeptical as I can sometimes be, I was surprised that after even the first VAX-D treatment, I felt relief! The treatment is not only relaxing but it yields immediate pain alleviation. Thank you.” – Neal E.

“I suffered from chronic back pain, right leg pain and numbness of the big toe. After the second week of therapy, I had definite improvement, with decreased pain and increased mobility. By the end of the treatments, I was totally pain free! My physical activities increased and I realized it was because I no longer experienced that constant lower back pain that I had become accustomed to. An MRI proved the improvements. Thank you VAX-D. ” – Antonio D.

“I was having a lot of lower back pain with numbness and tingling in my legs and feet. I could not walk for any length of time without having to stop due to pain. I tried many different doctors as well as physical therapy without relief. After a series of VAX-D treatments, the numbness and tingling has subsided about 80%. I can finally sleep through the night with virtually no tossing and turning. I can FEEL my feet (without numbness)… after 5 years!” – Jason W.

“I came to Dr. Helene Levinson after traditional medicine was not helping me. I was in so much pain with three bulging discs. I could not walk or stand for more than a couple of minutes and was bed ridden a lot of the time. This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I was not sure what to expect. Dr. Levinson really listened to me and was attentive to my concerns and fears. She was also very positive and gave me hope that she could help me. She was good at explaining the treatment and procedures and helped me feel comfortable. After several treatments, I could see an improvement. She kept working on me and now I feel like I have my life back. I am not in pain and no longer bed ridden. I have even gotten back to exercise. Pete Levinson runs the VAX-D program and was very good at explaining the treatment and has helped me tremendously. Their receptionist Anne is also very friendly. Levinson Chiropractic has been a lifesaver to me and I thank them so much for giving me my life back. ” – Tara B.

Some Vax-D Testimonials reprinted with permission from Levinson Chiropractic